Aluclad Windows and Doors

Aluclad is a significant technological leap in the evolution of windows and doors, particularly in areas of design and manufacturing innovation.

The main attribute of Aluclad is an additional aluminium protective profile applied to the external faces of traditional timber windows and doors. This additional protective layer is a wonderful answer to the perennial questions of longevity. It provides durability for windows and doors that must perform in the harshest of climates.

Youghal Glass Aluclad Glazing

Happily the introduction of all these new Aluclad innovations has not impaired, but complimented the beauty of traditional windows. Specifically their quality finishes, range of colours and application of maintenance-free powder coated paints. So devotees of the interior beauty of windows and doors will be reassured to know that Aluclad retains these essential and timeless qualities.

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