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Project A

New innovations have complimented the beauty of traditional windows in terms of their quality finishes, range of colours and application of maintenance-free powder coated paints.

Project B

Aluclad's main attribute is an additional aluminium protective profile applied to the external faces of traditional timber windows and doors.

Project C

The Aluclad protective layer is a wonderful answer to the perennial questions of longevity and durability for windows and doors that must perform in the harshest of climates.

Project D

Talk to us today about the range of possibilities with Aluclad Windows & Doors.

Project E

We have Aluclad windows & doors to suit all designs.

Project F

Aluclad Windows & Doors allow for maximum light transmittance.

Aluclad 1

Aluminium cladding on the external face of a traditional window serves purpose of increasing user comfort and expanding the life span of the window.

Aluclad 2

Aluclad is a significant technological leap in the evolution of windows and doors, significantly in areas of design and manufacturing innovation.