Timber & Aluclad Conservatories

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Timber & Aluclad Conservatories

Conservatories or sunrooms create and add wonderful new environments to homes and buildings, especially in Ireland where different seasonal weather can be expected, sometimes all in one day.

These elegant structures are popular additions to large and smaller homes, and can be used for gaining extra indoor space, solariums for sun devotees, recreation and leisure rooms, or simply light and airy spaces for entertaining.

A typical conservatory has walls of over 50% glazed and roofs of over 75%, a level of sun exposure that demands high-end wood design and engineering. Youghal Glass conservatories are designed to meet the challenges of Irish weather and provide homeowners with rooms that possess insulation properties in equal measure to ventilation ones. This allows homeowners to modulate a rooms ambient temperatures to their choosing.


Youghal Glass conservatories are designed, built and installed in Wood or Aluclad depending on a customers preference, and are manufactured in the same existing process as all our premier windows and doors. Accordingly they come designed for longevity and durability and exceed all structural standards of performance, particularly for the challenging Irish climate.

Youghal Glass conservatories create a wonderful interior space, bounded by beautiful wooden structures finished in colours of your choosing from a range of quality maintenance-free paints.

If you desire to bring the outdoor/indoor experience to your home or building please contact us today, and start a conversation towards achieving it.