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Rooflights are a wonderful way of bringing light and natural ventilation into a home or building.

In Youghal Glass we design and install rooflights in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes being rectangular, circular, oval, diamond, triangular and multi-sided. The unique design of our raised rooflight lets light enter from more acute angles, allowing greater options when deciding on final positioning.

A rooflight’s size can have a significent impact on illumination levels and temperatures of the spaces beneath. We are happy to advise on how best to find the optimal solution for your room.

Youghal Glass Roof Windows

Because of their location on buildings, our rooflights are designed and manufactured for minimising unwanted summer time solar heat gain, conversely they minimise winter heat losses. They also provide essential ventilation, releasing hot air that naturally accumulates near ceilings while simultaneously drawing in fresher air from outdoors. Our rooflights are designed with a variety of hinged vents to allow the users to modulate this air exchange while reducing the potential for ingress of driving rain. All our rooflights can be opened manually with either a pole, chain or crank.

Youghal Glass Wood or Aluglaze rooflights achieve high energy performance ratings, that allow you to create wonderful light and airy envoirments in your home or building.